Jaden Smith’s Track Steals Beat From Louis the Child


Jaden Smith's Track Steals Beat From Louis the Child
Louis the Child is a talented up and coming producer duo from Chicago. A few months ago, they dropped their chilled out remix of Oh Wonder’s “Body Gold.” It seems as if the beat from this remix was copied on “Moon In My Room,” Jaden Smith’s new track which features the vocals of Willow Smith. The track is part of a 6 song album titled “This Is The Album.” Willow Smith is the daughter of the famous actor Will Smith, who is also Jaden’s father. She has experience in the music industry, becoming the youngest artist to be signed to Jay-Z’s record label Roc Nation. Her single “Whip My Hair” went as far as to peak at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100, with the music video being nominated for Video of the Year at the BET Awards of 2011. Jaden also has experience in the industry, having rapped alongside Justin Bieber on his hit track, “Never Say Never.” He also has released two mixtapes in addition to his recent album. Based on their musical background and their family’s extensive experience with being in the limelight, one would think they would avoid plagiarizing another musician’s work. Nevertheless, “Moon In My Room” is said to be produced by The Pyrvmids & Daniel D’artiste, with no mention being given to Louis the Child.

Neither Willow Smith, Jaden Smith, Daniel D’artiste or The Pyrvmids has commented on the issue on social media. Louis the Child has stayed relatively quiet and has refrained from making any public statements as well. They have retweeted something to this effect which praised them for staying quiet during the situation. They also commented on the Soundcloud link to “Moon In My Room” simply saying “wait we made this beat.” This sentiment seems to have been echoed by almost every other commenter on the track as well. Check out “Moon In My Room” and Louis the Child’s “Body Gold” below and compare them for yourself.