Luca Lush Delivers Wondrous Remix of Oh Wonder’s ‘Body Gold’


LucaLuca Lush is a talented young producer who specializes in seamlessly fusing futuristic and deep beats. Lush is signed to alaya, a little known record label that provides exposure to up and coming artists such as Josh Pan and Dirty Chocolate. Lush has been busy lately too, remixing everybody from 50 Cent to Daft Punk to Lido. He even found time to release his original track ‘Promise‘, while collaborating with Dirty Chocolate, Josh Pan, KRNE and Feki. As his next project, he’s decided to tackle Oh Wonder’s hit track, ‘Body Gold’. He brings his distinctive style to transform the track into his own.

Lush completely revamps ‘Body Gold’ from a chilled out indie song to a deeper and darker club track. He begins the track with deep house beats that complement the vocals to give the track a haunting and ominous vibe. As the track progresses, Lush slowly integrates futuristic elements until they¬†culminate with a future bass explosion at the drop. Lush showcases his versatility as a producer on this track, seamlessly weaving back and forth between deep house and future bass. ‘Body Gold’ highlights Lush’s immense talent and it should only help him gain further recognition as he continues to mature and grow as a producer.

Oh Wonder РBody Gold (LUCA LUSH Remix) | Download