Madeon – Pay No Mind ft. Passion Pit (Official Music Video)


With each release from his forthcoming album Adventure, Madeon proves himself more and more a master musician and storyteller.  Today, the official music video for his collaboration with Passion Pit, “Pay No Mind,” is out and if it looks familiar, that’s because it’s a sequel to the “You’re On” music video.  After this installment, we can look forward to one more correlating video as “Pay No Mind” is part 2 out of 3 in the Adventure video trilogy.  Savvy Madeon fans will note that the recurring imagery in both videos (and presumably the third), is “a place in the distance.”  That and the futuristic city setting that the two protagonists escape are clear references to Madeon’s 2012 release, “The City,” which is included on the deluxe version of Adventure.  Predictions for concluding chapter of the surreal adventure: dancing like there’s no tomorrow.  ICYMI, catch up with the “You’re On” video below before checking out the video for “Pay No Mind.”  To be continued…