Node To Set World Record During Reunion Performance at Royal College of Music



The ambient synth electronic group, Node, hasn’t performed in nearly fifteen years. But now the London based group will return from their hiatus with the ambitions of breaking the world’s record record for: “The Largest Collection of Vintage Analogue Synthesizer Equipment Ever Seen Outside a Recording Studio”.

To break this record, the group will bring out an arsenal of Rolands, Moogs, Korgs, and more which will collectively equate to more than £500,000. Moving all this gear will take the work of four vans to get them to the venue, and will weigh almost 15 tons. Node says that they have always been about expressing human emotions, whether it is which computers or with analogue equipment. They blend the lines between old school and new school to reach the utmost expression of human emotion.

The event will be taking place on Friday, February 27th at the Royal College of Music in London. For tickets and further information visit the Royal College of Music Website.