Ableton Publishes New Book On Electronic Music Production



For all those fellow producer nerds out there, the word Ableton is equally familiar to your life as coffee, writers block, and sleep deprivation. As one of the leading industry standard Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) on the market, chances are that Ableton is the go-to production suite for at least one of your favorite producers.

Recently Ableton’s Head of Documentation department, Dennis DeSantis, published a book titled ‘Making Music – 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers’. Helping newbies and seasoned veterans alike, this book seeks to figure out some of the tried-and-true methods of getting a track completed. Completed being the key word, since one of the hardest elements of production is moving from creating complex and interesting loops and turning them into fleshed out arrangements.

You can read a select number of chapters from the book through Ableton’s website, as well as order your own copy of the book. While currently there is no digital version of the book, they recently stated yesterday that this format will be available shortly.