Andrew Bayer Previews Do Androids Dream EP in Full


Do Androids Dream
The American Anjunabeats pioneer, Andrew Bayer, has been out of the limelight for a number of months now, since the release of his beautifully eclectic album, If It Were You We’d Never, but he’s back with reason for rejoice. Bayer has uploaded a new three-track EP to Soundcloud and you’ve gotta check it. Following his breakout single ‘Superhuman’ to be released on March 15th, Andrew Bayer’s full Do Androids Dream EP will drop on April 13th. The EP is well rounded even by Bayers eclectic Standards, despite being only three tracks. Here’s a little bit of what you can expect.

Part 1 of DAD is reminiscent of his work from the Trip-hop/Electronica album Its Artificial, with trademark filmic style chords and celebratory bells, accompanied by choral backing vocals. This is a real hands in the air intro to the EP and of Mr Bayers sets as of late.

Part 2 brings us into the club for an eight minute genre bending banger, wrapping tech trance, progressive and melodic uplifting house resulting in a peak time Andrew Bayer anthem. The breakdown of this track has a hint of an older trance hook, which may bring some onto a welcome wave of nostalgia.

Superhuman‘ is clearly the standout track of the EP. The track was originally debuted at ABGT 100 at Madison Square Garden, and according to Jono Grant he’s been hard at work at Hello Studios to polish it up. With an ABGT 100 premiere and a ABGT “Record of the Week” honor, you know this track isn’t something to scoff at (really though what Andrew Bayer track would be?). Asbjørns lyrics are undeniably catchy and fitting in the breakdown, complimenting the more mainstream yet still unique version of Bayers bigroom sound. It’s an impressive feat to take classic trance and give it such a big room feel, but what else would we expect from this caliber of producer.

Enjoy the track streams above and be sure to hop on that EP purchase on its April 13th release!