Beatport Completes Transition to Streaming Model, Releases Apps


Streaming music is on fire right now, in case you didn’t already know from that tidal wave of a publicity stunt. CDs? Downloads? What are those? Everybody is racing to own the music streaming space right now, and SFX has finally prepared Beatport to jump into the fray. Tidbits have trickled out over the past year, but the gist is that SFX purchased Beatport with the goal to morph it into a free streaming model to compete with Spotify. First, the Beatport we all know and love became Beatport Pro and a new minimalist white-and-green Beaport was born.

While this new streaming Beatport was silently floating around in beta, it is now ready to prime time. Along with the launch, comes a slew of mobile apps. The app features unlimited free streaming of millions of free tracks, charts, playlists, and more. While you might be excited now, you don’t even know the best part. The app doesn’t even have ads! It appears that the app will be focused on prompting users to attend live events, many of which are owned by SFX as well. There is finally a streaming service that has the music we want and you can get it here for Android and iOS.