Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Deorro X Chris Brown – Five More Hours (Lyric Video)


There is no refuting the fact that Deorro has kept his word post-hiatus. When the bounce master announced that he was quitting DJing to focus on putting out more music and evolving his PandaFunk brand, it was hard to tell whether or not he would meet the limitless hunger of his fans. Well, between already putting out multiple releases by rising artists on his label and his crossover collaboration with Chris Brown on ‘Five More Hours‘, Deorro is truly a man of his word. ‘Five More Hours’ demonstrates a power move by the influential producer as he finally has put himself on radiowaves and employed the help of a Grammy-winning artist to do so. Deorro and Chris Brown have now released the lyric video for ‘Five More Hours’ to keep the track’s momentum at an all-time high.

Holding fans hands from word to word of the track, the video presents an abstract visual experience of digital webs and a grid like wave that flows ever so nicely with Deorro’s funky beat. The instrumental version of the track may be over a year old, but it is still infectious as ever. With a visual counterpart now to heighten its vivacity, ‘Five More Hours’ has just started its journey towards a chart-topping hit, and Chris Brown and Deorro will be in the driver seat the whole way. Grab the tune over at iTunes for your listening pleasure and watch the lyric video below.

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