Halsey – Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)


Lost Kings

Halsey – Ghost (Lost Kings Remix)

Halsey ‘Ghost’. Now there’s a track we can really dig into. ‘Ghost’ is arguably one of Halsey’s biggest hits, and with good reason. With boisterous distinct kick drums and a heavy hearted melody contrasted with Halsey’s warm vocals and almost playful detailing, it’s a song that draws out some seriously strong emotions. Lost Kings seem to love it about as much as we do, and have given it a total makeover with a peppy remix.

The LA duo kick up the tempo and bring out some sun-soaked Caribbean vibes with this rendition, so they’re venturing into some new territory here. Don’t worry though, this isn’t really tropical house. This remix keeps the emotional elicitation intact despite the starkly different tone. While one may wanna hear the original track right after a break up, they may wanna give this a listen when they’re on the up-n-up. It’s just so happy. Give it a listen here or on Spotify.

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