Hudson Mohawke Releases Trailer For New Album, Lantern


Hudson Mohawke Releases Trailer For New Album, Lantern
Scotland based producer Hudson Mohawke announced his newest album today with an enigmatic trailer. Starring a tormented Ronald McDonald-esque character that seems to be in the throws of the effects of some hard core substances, the jarring and gritty video seems more like the beginning of a horror movie than an album promo. In fact, if it weren’t for the glitchy sample screeching “Hudson Mohawke” at the beginning of the trailer and the neon sign at the end, we don’t think the theme of the video would have exactly screamed “new album”.

Regardless, the forthcoming album entitled, Lantern, is set to drop on June 15th.This new album will be Hudson Mohawke’s newest release since the Chimes EP dropped in September of 2014. If the album will take on any characteristics of the trailer, it promises to be a wild ride chock full of more genre blending trap based tracks.

Check out the trailer for Lantern below