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Madeon Gives Fans A Sneak Peak Of Unreleased Album With The ‘Adventure Machine’


For those who have desired to experiment within the realm of producing, but are unable to establish a concise starting point, Madeon has just the project for you.

Hugo Pierre Leclercq, better known to us as Madeon, has just revealed yet another enterprise surrounding the release of his debut album, Adventure. The exploit which is entitled “Madeon’s Adventure Machine” features a variety of samples from Leclercq’s album in an amusing and interactive concept. The design allows for consumers to navigate through various samples from Adventure and create new mash-ups and mixes derived from the harmonies available. The concept allows users to select sounds from different colored squares, with the final product being your own rendition of music featured on Adventure. 

Additional samples will be added to “Madeon’s Adventure Machine” shortly, but for now, take a moment to wield amongst those readily available to compose your own tune. If you come up with something interesting, Madeon encourages users to contribute their creations by sharing it in the comments, (Share>Copy URL). Trust me, it’s worth your time and a lot of fun! Check out “Madeon’s Adventure Machine” here.

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