One-Man-Band Artiphon MIDI Controller Rakes in Funding at Kickstarter


Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 is the newest project making waves in the Kickstarter world, as it’s the first MIDI controller capable of truly enabling a one-man-band. After making its first debut two years ago, Artiphon decided to recently launch a Kickstarter campaign for its INSTRUMENT 1, and in just a matter of just 6 hours the project already wildly exceeded its $75,000 goal.

This “multi-instrument” MIDI controller is a mind-blowingly innovative way to consolidate the convenience of the best MIDI keyboard into a neat, interesting package. The controller resembles a mini keyboard and fretboard; its main features consist of a fret board with a small head on top, a body that houses a bridge, speaker, volume knob, and various instrument presets that are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. By combining a keyboard with a stringless fretboard, the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 can be strummed like a guitar, picked like a bass, played with a bow like a violin or a cello, blown like a flute, or banged on like a keyboard or drum machine.

For anyone interested in getting their hands on Artiphon’s all-in-one MIDI instrument, its Kickstarter campaign still has 38 days to go, comes in white or black, and for a $349 backing, will be shipped globally in January 2016.