SAFIA – Counting Sheep


Counting Sheep

Safia – Counting Sheep

So, this one is a little different. There’s a lot of EDM influencing this track, but it comes across like a totally new thing. This Aussie posse first got my attention about 11 months ago when their track ‘Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds‘ blew me away. This tune is solidly in a genre one could deem, “indietronica,” and is wildly under-explored. This fusion of competent lead vocals, indie vibes and correct synthwork is something that we’ve seen lead to pop success in acts like Florence & The Machine, London Grammar, dating all the way back to Linkin Park (yea, I went there).

People really like good mixes of pop & electronic elements, as this tune proves. SAFIA has a grandiose feel, while still also being authentically creepy. If you already want to start a Halloween 2015 playlist, this might be a good place to start from. The vocals have a Scissor Sisters feel to them, but to stress, this is a sound I haven’t heard much of anywhere and definitely deserves your attention.