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Alesso Drops New Single “PAYDAY”, Announces Partnership With Major Video Game

Alesso – PAYDAY

Only further proving that electronic music has penetrated all facets of popular culture, superstar producer Alesso has teamed up with Swedish video game developer Starbreeze to create some unique downloadable content for Payday 2, an online co-op game centered around heists. Premiering on Sirius XM today, “PAYDAY” is a different sound for the usually melodic and progressive Swede, as he fully embraces the electro sound he has been incorporating in his sets as of late.

The new song, and Alesso himself, will appear in a new mission in the game appropriately titled “The Alesso Heist”, which takes place during one of the DJ’s concerts. Alesso, a self-admitted gamer, released a statement regarding his involvement with the project: “Starbreeze asked me to do my own piece of the game and appear in the game itself and it was an immediate ‘Yes’ from me.”

It’s a major win for dance music when a massive and mainstream industry like gaming supports the genre. Further details, including Alesso’s in game model and gameplay details, will be announced shortly, but Payday 2 is already available for last generation systems and is coming to Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC soon, with the Alesso’s content launching in May. For now, you can pre-order his debut album here and instantly receive four tracks, including “PAYDAY”, when you do.

Austin Goldman
Austin Goldman
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