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Carnage Stuns Dance Music Community After Announcing Bassnectar Collaboration

Coincidentally or not, one of the most unlikely collaborations in dance music was announced today, the day before April Fools Day. The bass god Lorin Ashton, or Bassnectar, is supposed to release a track with the Chipotle Gang leader Carnage. Lorin is idolized by an army of bassheads who are sure to question this decision. Many of Bassnectar’s fans have reluctantly watched as Lorin has drifted away from his old grittier and heavier style. His brilliant album Noise vs Beauty indicated this, as it showcased his more beautiful and melodic productions. While Noise vs Beauty was one thing, a Carnage collaboration is a completely different story. It is hard to imagine even the loyal bassheads being able to stomach a track with the self proclaimed ‘Papi Gordo’ and his penchant for ratchet trap anthems.

Carnage acknowledged the inevitable reaction to the collaboration announcement. He tweeted out:

The producer even went on to include a text conversation with Lorin that confirms the potential collaboration:

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