Caroline Koch – Timeless (Tchami Remix)


Caroline Koch - Timeless (Tchami Remix)

Caroline Koch – Timeless (Tchami Remix)

Having grown up in the heart of Verona, Caroline Koch is no stranger to Italy’s unique club life. Having started her journey into music at a very young age, she started DJing her tunes across Italy and quickly garnered some spotlight exposure. Known for a more deep sound with hints of pop music, her style is easily remixed by some of the industry’s biggest acts.

So when we got wind that Tchami got his hands on her single ‘Timeless’, we were curious to how he would throw his signature touch on the mix. Starting the track out with a minimal breakbeat rhythm that soon evolves into otherworldly chord plucks, Caroline’s vocals are allowed to shine over the top. Then the¬†vocals get chopped up over a funky sub-bass line that adds groove without detracting from the initial foundation of the tune.

This marks the first half of the track, which differs from the back half. As the energy breaks, ethnic-esque tech stabs are introduced to add a groove-centric dissonance. This dynamic arrangement and production proves Tchami is a mastermind in the remix game, since our ears can’t stop craving more of what he’s got.¬†Head over to iTunes to purchase your copy of the tune today.