Is Daft Punk Working On A New Album Exclusively For Jay Z’s Tidal?



Rumors are swirling that Daft Punk will be releasing a new album. It all started from a very telling Facebook comment by Paul Johnson. He shared a picture of an old promotional poster for Daft Punk from 2000 and in response to a comment by Norman Methner, Paul commented that “[t]heir working on a new house album right now Norman.”


This would be music to many fans’ ears, literally. Some suspect that a new Daft Punk exclusive album would be perfect for Tidal, Jay Z’s new music streaming service, which the duo has an ownership stake in. Earlier this year, rumors suggested that Tidal would be launched with exclusive content from many celebrities, including Daft Punk. However, many are still skeptical about a new release from the French electronic act. It seems as though Daft Punk is always showing up as blips on the dance music radar, but it’s hard to really peg down what is in store from them. With rumors spreading all the time, it’s hard not to get your hopes up.

Source: Your EDM