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You Don’t Want To Know How Much Electric Daisy Carnival Tickets Cost 15 Years Ago


It’s unlikely that a 22-year-old Pasquale Rotella had any idea that the 1997 maiden voyage of the Electric Daisy Carnival would ultimately transform into Las Vegas’ premier dance music event. Pasquale has since celebrated his 40th birthday and EDC has grown from a small gathering of 5,000 ravers to an annual event of over 100,000.

Turning the clock back 15 years: Electric Daisy Carnival 2000 was a one day event, held on Saturday, June 24th. The show’s tagline was “super blooming beats, funkafied freaks, and full sized carnival rides”. General admission tickets ranged from $20 to $35 – significantly less than a shuttle pass or storage locker will cost you in 2015. The lineup included 39 performers playing at 5 stages and notable artists included BT, Dieselboy, and Westbam.

Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to have a piece of history saved for us. Here’s a look back at EDC 2000 (Not the outtakes from a Rob Zombie movie, we promise).

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