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Hardwell Pulls At The Heartstrings In Music Video For “Echo”

When the name Hardwell first comes to mind, a normal person would immediately think big room, electro house, two-time DJ Mag #1 DJ, Dutch superstar, etc. But, his first studio album, United We Are, delivered some surprising twists from the dance music behemoth including his standout track “Echo.” Hardwell delivers the grit and coarse he is loved for, but the fluid croons of Jonathon Mendelsohn and delicate piano melodies he injects instill a deep passion into the track that Hardwell uses as the guiding light in the music video for “Echo.”

Set in a breathtaking mountain landscape, the visual story follows a man who seems to have lost his lover, and while mourning her loss at her grave, he discovers a wolf who leads him on a journey into his painful past. He is taken back to a time of young love, and with Mendelsohn’s lavish vocals at the peak, the story ends with the man finding a new friend in the friendly creature that comforts him. Check it out for yourself and embrace the feels of the “Echo” music video.

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