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ID – Mr. Toot

The ID game is one that needs to be expertly planned out and executed to ensure success. The most well-known example is when Spinnin’ Records teased Martin Garrix’s ‘Animals’ without revealing the young producers name, and DOORNS successfully conquered the task with DVBBS and Borgeous’ ‘Tsunami’. The next in line for a similar trajectory comes with the track ‘Mr. Toot‘ that was recently  uploaded by Ultra Music.

A symphonic arrangement of strings and pounding drum kick set the tone for a shocking tango woodwind to swoop in and take the commanding role. For the house-ier part of the track, ‘Mr. Toot’ suddenly drops into a ringing deep wave that provides an antithesis for the flute’s fluttering nature. In the end, this masked genius provides a double-edged sword that is ready to light up the dance floor from two different angles. Details on the artist will sure to be coming at a later date, but for now, ‘Mr. Toot’ is available for streaming below.

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