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Kill Paris Releases Debut Album “Galaxies Between Us,” Free

Galaxies Between Us
After churning out countless critically acclaimed remixes and original tracks over the last few years, Kill Paris is back in a big way with his first studio album Galaxies Between Us. Appropriately titled, the album highlights Kill Paris’ unique future-funk sound. A glitchy, disco-inspired sound is the name of the game on this 10 track album, which puts the talented DJ and producer’s knack for blending a more vintage feel with futuristic sounds front and center. The Galaxies Between Us lead single, ‘Operate‘, is a perfect showcase for the characteristic otherworldly sound Kill Paris has honed over the years, and is a great entry point to the album. One of the few tracks off the album to feature vocals (courtesy of Royal) ‘Operate’ is as groovy as one would expect with sharp synths and emotional lyrics. Following through on his promise that Galaxies Between Us would be a “musical journey,” Kill Paris has delivered an album that is both accomplished and refreshing. Check out ‘Operate’ below, and be sure to grab a copy Galaxies Between Us, available now on Kill Paris’ label, Sexy Electric, for free.

Austin Goldman
Miami/LA @agoldman57
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