Lost in a Moment Barcelona Cancelled Due to Permit Issue


Back in February, we brought you the news that the Lost in a Moment part franchise had secured an ancient Catalonian fortress for their Barcelona offshoot featuring a ridiculous lineup with Dixon, Solar, Âme (live + DJ) and Culoe De Song that would have gone hand in hand with the intimate venue. Keywords. Would have. Unfortunately, IR, who were co-hosting the event, couldn’t secure the right permits and recently gave a statement explaining the circumstances.

“After many months of hard work and planning together with the Innervisons team, we regret to inform that due to new regulations in Barcelona and the Montjuic area, our license has not been granted for Lost In A Moment to take place at El Castell de Montjuic.

We have to assume our responsibility for announcing in advance and are feeling your same disappointment and frustration, but at that moment we could not foresee this change in licence regulation concerning the Montjuic Area (and alternative locations) after many years of promoting events in this area of the city.

We are extremely sorry for the delay in informing all the fans who have been eagerly awaiting tickets, but we gave it all we had until the end to try and reverse the situation, unfortunately it seems it is just not possible during this period.”

All of the other Lost in a Moment events are still to be held as scheduled with a host of equally talented and crowd pleasing artists.

[Via RA]