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What So Not – Gemini Ft. George Maple

What So Not Gemini

About a month ago, breakout Australian sensation, Flume, announced that he would no longer be involved with the What So Not project, leaving it solely under the control of partner Emoh Instead. As disheartening as this news was to fans, the sole ray of sunshine to come through from the cloudy skies of disappointment was that the two would release one final EP together titled Gemini.

Today, the duo dropped the Gemini’s first single, titled after the EP itself and features Australian artist George Maple. “Gemini” is a classic What So Not track in the sense that it strays away from any particular genre, and differs itself enough from any of the duo’s previous tracks. Slow, airy, and flowing, “Gemini” epitomizes the innovation that is the essence and core of What So Not’s style. The addition of George Maple’s smooth vocals is the finishing polish on the track that makes it shine. While the duo may be no more, the Gemini EP is looking to be a sure way to carry on the What So Not legacy forever.

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