Pete Tong Calls for EDM Movie, Develop Artistic Legacy


“We need to create an artistic legacy of which we can all be proud”

Is the story of electronic dance music being told? One of the world’s most influential leaders says, emphatically, ‘No’. Pete Tong, the DJ, artist, radio host, label owner, and industry executive is calling out the world of dance music, and asking: “Where’s our Saturday Night Fever? Where’s our Empire? Where’s our Do the Right Thing or Hustle & Flow?”

“Electronic dance music is having a watershed moment in the United States. It’s the undisputed musical youth movement of the millennial generation — an exponentially growing cultural shift driven by technology and interconnectivity. But what will we have to show for it beyond the music and live events?”

An over-saturated world of streaming media has allowed for a handful of EDM documentaries to thrive, but Tong suggests that these are failings in light of an unexplored bigger picture: “But we need to be doing so much more.”

Despite the world of electronic music extending, literally, everywhere, it seems as if Hollywood has been sheltered by some form of invisible force field – a force field that’s being powered by denial, close-mindedness, and unwillingness to change.

“Inspiring music is being made and compelling stories are going untold. The clubs of Ibiza, Berlin, London and New York are rich and vibrant settings. Tiesto played at the Olympics, Paul Oakenfold at the Great Wall of China. Our history is rich with colorful characters and tales.”

Granted, mainstream electronic music is still in its infancy stages of development in the United States. Its roots run much deeper. If Pete Tong thinks we need to be doing more, then who are we to argue? The entertainment industry is a volatile place, but this is a massive miss.

Source / Billboard