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Ratatat Returns After 5 Years of Silence With ‘Cream On Chrome’

Ratatat – Cream on Chrome

Leading up to their Coachella performance, New York-based duo Ratatat induced nostalgia this week with their release of a new single, “‘Cream On Chrome’.

The new track is smoother than older works, like ‘Seventeen Years‘, instead favoring a silkier style which evokes memories of ‘Loud Pipes‘. The latter, a track off their 2006 album, offers a relevant point of comparison to this new release: a diversity of guitar rifts still hold a prevalence, intermittently pausing their dominance for different directions. In each of these movements, new layers combine to eclectic effect; drum kits surrender to one another, consistently presenting new interactions and cross-breeded sounds. As old fans no doubt expect, these interactions keep the song fresh and irresistibly re-playable. Still echoing the grungy beginnings of their home studio beginnings, Ratatat has returned. Stay tuned for the duo’s future work, and check out the official video below.

Carter Deane
Santa Monica / NYC / Wesleyan University Class of 2018 Music Reviews and Editorials
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