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Soundcloud & Zefr Initiate Copyright Purge, Knife Party Takes Big Hit

Knife Party
Last week you might have heard that Soundcloud had entered into a partnership with content scanner Zefr. This company is what Youtube uses to scan uploads for copyrighted content to monetize, so there was a hope that Soundcloud too might use it for monetization instead of take downs. Unfortunately, it would appear that those hopes have been dashed, and the take downs have begun.

Already it appears that a mass purge of uploads is beginning, and its targeting the big and the small equally. The scanners have been harsh for Knife Party, who lost about 5 of their uploads. Other users are reporting heavy losses, but we have yet to hear of any other high profile mishaps like this one. Luckily Knife Party can bring in their label to defend them, but smaller producers without big label support are on their own. Let’s hope this trend does not continue.

Knife Party


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