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TomorrowWorld Promotes Self Expression, Embraces The People of Tomorrow

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Raving was founded on the idea of self expression. In the warehouse parties of the 90s, kids from all over would flock to the underground parties to escape reality and allow endless nights of dancing to be simply fueled by the steady beat that the DJ would lay down. Now that EDM has exploded to a level that everyone wants a piece of the pie, festivals are having to implement rules that in some cases infringe on the rules raving was brought up on.

TomorrowWorld, with their mystical theme and atmosphere, will continue to promote freedom and self expression, as they have just released the official Allowed Items list in their Q&A section.  Amongst the ever popular Totems, Camelbacks, and Kandi that are all approved, fans will also be able to bring in GoPros, selfie sticks (which have received some heat lately), LED gloves/LED accessories, hula hoops, headresses/masks, costumes and so much more. If you’re camping out in the illustrious DreamVille, the food and beverage rules are lenient as well with the allowance of unlimited food and soft drinks + 1 case of beer (max. 30 cans) AND 1 liter of liquor (no glass) OR 1 box of wine (3 liters).

You can read the full list here on the TomorrowWorld site. And, if the stage announcements, Breakfast Beats, and DreamVille accommodations are enough to convince you, tickets are still available for the 2015 edition of TomorrowWorld here.


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