Ultra Music Festival Announces 2016 Early Bird Sale


Ultra Music Festival was exactly a month ago and most attendees are just now finally able to return to normal without daily feelings of “take me back”. Well, Ultra doesn’t want you to stop thinking about their flagship festival and they have announced that early bird tickets will be available for sale on May 4.

While tickets for 2014 went on sale over the summer, this is certainly the earliest Ultra has ever kicked off ticket sales. What’s interesting here is the prices, as they appear to have gone down substantially. Tier 1 Early tickets are $249.95, Tier 2 are $299.95 and General Admission tickets are only $324.95. GA tickets for 2015 were $449.95 and tickets for 2014 topped out at around $500. While on the surface, it might appear that Ultra has done us all a huge solid, the fine print indicates that this year’s prices do not include service fees and those are usually quite hefty. When all is said and done, expect prices to be quite similar to last year. In order to access any early bird sales in Tier 1 or 2, you must pre-register for tickets here. It’s never to early to start looking ahead to another amazing weekend at Ultra Music Festival.