Friday, May 7, 2021
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Vinyl Meets Bluetooth With the “Universal Record”

Through a combination of stinging nostalgia and a desire for modern convinience, a new invention has formed. This new device, entitled “Universal Record” by its creator, Jesse England, is a perfect culmination of contemporary and past music enjoyment. In theory, the device retains the purest sound quality available (vinyl) and combines it with the versality of bluetooth. In a sense, the Universal Record is “a device which allows any audio to be played through a contemporary turntable.”

This is executed by combining bluetooth audio to an acoustic transducer, which vibrates the vinyl disc that and the needle records the sound. Though the device is only in its concept stage now, it isn’t truly known if the purity of sound found in vinyl will be totally created within the Universal Record. Nonetheless, the idea of a vinyl turntable that utilizes the infinite capabilities of internet accessed music is pretty enticing.
Check out the Universal Record in action in the video below.

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