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Apple Confirms June For Projected ‘Apple Music’ Launch

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Dating back some time, technological herculean, Apple, announced the prospective launch of their Beats-based music streaming service tentatively dubbed, ‘Apple Music‘. The application will have similarities to that of the discontinued iTunes feature, Ping, as the feature will host a plethora of social networking assimilations for artists, reports industry sources. ‘Apple Music’ will strictly enable only artists to obtain their own pages within the application in which they may post tracks and samples, photos, videos, concert updates and more. Dissimilar from Ping, ‘Apple Music’ will not allow users to have their own user profile, however all users may comment on and like posts from artists using ‘Apple Music’.┬áMuch like that of SoundCloud, ‘Apple Music’ allows for artists to share content released by other artists in order to promote cross-advertising.

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A fundamental feature of ‘Apple Music’s’ streaming service will be Artist Activity. Withal, users will have the ability to disable the feature in the Restrictions Settings panel in iOS 8.4, as pictured above. The photo above was a result of an accidental leak in the most recent iOS 8.4 beta developers. Sources state that the Restrictions menu will encompass an ‘Artist Activity’ switch that may be enabled, or disabled, based on user preference. ‘Apple Music’ will be available to access transversely across iOS, Android and Mac versions of the application.

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The service will be unified heavily into the new iOS 8.4 redesign, and users will be able to carry over their current Beats Music cloud libraries, according to sources. iTunes Match alongside iTunes Radio will still be sustained, even with the imbricating range of capabilities. iTunes Radio will be refaced in order to improve mixes and an “international rollout to mirror the streaming service”.

‘Apple Music’ will be unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference Kickoff keynote alongside iOS 8.4, iOS 9, OS X 10.11 and the improved Apple TV features. The conference will be held Monday June 8th. Apple sources confirm that the company plans to release a free trial option for ‘Apple Music’ near the end of June.

Source: 9to5Mac

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