Avicii Has Returned With A Melancholy Remix of ‘Feeling Good’


Avicii has long been missed by the global dance scene that fell in love with his tremendous albums & stupendous remixes. And after a lot of time spent recovering from medical issues & fixing the termite problems in his house, he’s back! His lower energy, contemplative remix of ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone (yes, that one from 1965) is proof that Avicii may have been down, but he’s not out. The influence of his recent difficulties can be felt in the track, but there’s a hopefulness that we love him for.

You can almost hear the last year’s troubles in the tune, but with very little fanfare, it’s already accumulated almost 100,000 plays on Spotify. Go help him get there, a couple of days before the rest of the music universe fully gets how good this track is. He’s had some tough times, much like Nina Simone had, but now he’s building his way back. And we’re all better for it. This track is going to get stuck in my head, and I can’t wait.