Bearson – Imposter (feat. Mark Johns)


Bearson- Imposter (feat. Mark Johns)

If you are looking for some chill music to kick back and relax to, there is nobody better than Bearson. The young Norwegian is the master of crafting calm and tranquil melodies that allow his listener to close their eyes, unwind and let their mind drift away. In addition to his peaceful productions, the young producer has made time to found Next Wave Records, a rapidly burgeoning label that features highly talented artists such as Beshken, Manila Killa, Prince Fox and the excellent singer Mark Johns. Bearson enlisted Johns’ help on his newest release, as she provides the soothing vocals to ‘Imposter.’

‘Imposter’ begins slowly and smoothly, as Bearson succeeds in immediately crafting the serene vibe his fans have come to expect. The track’s tropical style quietly complements Johns’ vocals to create an aurally pleasing atmosphere. Bearson had a lot to live up to from his last original track, ‘Pink Medicine,’ but he seems to have lived up to the hype by exceeding expectations. He has excelled in crafting his own tropical and soothing niche, as all his productions adhere to his distinctive style. ‘Imposter’ is available now for purchase via iTunes.