Candyland – Murda



Candyland – Murda

No surprises here, but perhaps more reason to have a nice subwoofer: Santa Barbara-based Candyland dropped another track this week; her first following a killer remix of Major Lazer and DJ Snake’s ‘Lean On’.  ‘Murda‘ looks past melodic paths, instead delivering a harder hitting, heavy composition.

The heavy-weight track reflects a lot of early Candyland style. If you appreciated the jagged, explosive synths of years past, then rejoice for Candyland’s return to the old. However, not all elements of the song evoke 2012 and earlier. The Californian producer’s recent dwellings in the trap scene certainly manifest themselves in her newest track, especially during builds. Murda’s hip-hop vocals lend themselves well to the song’s mix of bass-fueled old and trappy new; intertwined throughout the song, they fit harmoniously along most of the track, and clever vocal clipping maintains their presence in the background.

‘Murda’ became available for download 2 days ago on beatport [here], released by 12th Planet’s SMOG Records. Check back in June for her next release.