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cIn – Hold Me

Hold Me

cIn – Hold Me

Young Brisbane native Callan Alexander, better known as cIn, releases yet another impressive track following his original ‘Better Than’. The 19-year-old Australian electronic producer is relatively new to the EDM scene, but nonetheless has gained a solid following. Last week he released his latest single, titled ‘Hold Me’, which is set to be part of his second EP. The track is accompanied by a self-filmed and directed music video that further proves just how talented the young artist is. The video looks to depict deeper concepts like life, death and depression and stars the producer’s two brothers. It has a unique storyline and view that establishes an intimate relationship with the viewer allowing them to get personally involved by interpreting what each scene really means. The track also gives its listeners something more than your average electronic song; it is smooth and easy with a solid tune and personal vocal line. The piece is delicate yet powerful leaves your yearning for more. (Read More, for music video)


Born and raised in the wonderful city of Miami, I have grown to love the EDM genre of music and the culture behind it.
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