(dc) & Masego – De Nada


de nada

(dc) & Masego- De Nada

(dc), a Dallas based producer, has impressed his fans with both the quality and quantity of his productions. It seems as if he is constantly putting out new tracks, as he has dropped originals such as ‘The Dojo,’ ‘Real,’ ‘Fast,’ ‘Switch‘ and ‘Menudo‘ all in the past month. His newest release sees him teaming up with Masego, the genre bending artist who considers himself to play “trap house jazz. Masego is known for his masterful sax, which he supplies in abundance on ‘De Nada.’

‘De Nada’ begins with immersive wavy synths that immediately take the listener on a journey. Masego’s hip-hop vocals are soon introduced, which are complemented by (dc)’s impressively dreamy trap production. The track does an excellent job crossing over various styles, seamlessly fusing funk and trap. Towards the end of ‘De Nada,’ Masego’s smoothly elegant saxophone kicks in, perfectly closing out the song on the highest of notes. The two producers released the track on Trapdoor Records, offering both a vocal and instrumental version. Both are available for purchase here.