Deadmau5 Provides Alternate Take on New Kaskade Collaboration


Deadmau5′ Soundcloud has been notably more active lately, and it’s sending the blogosphere into a bit of a tizzy, as we all clamor to write up and share every single kilobyte of audio he seems to upload to it. This may seem like overkill, and it kinda is, but given the material that’s being uploaded we can’t resist. Be it the preview or unofficial full version for the Grabbitz collab, or the preview of the new Kaskade collab that has everyone practically willing to worship Cthulhu for a sooner than later release, it’s been covered within minutes of online existence. Hell, even his April Fools track, “A Weekend at Meowingtons” received some blog love.

Really though, it’s because the music that gets previewed ends up being absolutely massive, and catching even the slightest glimpse of each track’s evolution is an admitted wonder to behold; the last time Kaskade and Mau5 worked together on a tune, it hit #1 on two charts and broke the top 20 on numerous others, and earned its own Wiki page. “Beneath With Me” already feels like a #1 hit, and who knows, the masses may influence the direction of the end product based on their reactions. Preview 02 is now online, and it’s taken a decidedly more drum-centric route. We’re eager for more previews, and you can bet we’ll cover them, in the meantime though may the debate begin between version 01 and 02 begin.

Deadmau5 & Kaskade – Beneath 02