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Duderstadt – The Orange Theme


Duderstadt – The Orange Theme

Possessing a raw knack for impactful and moving bass lines that sit beneath some of the most touching melodies in the genre, Duderstadt is everything you would want from a seasoned trance producer. And while he may often fly under the radar, his latest release of ‘The Orange Theme’ proves that he has earned some much needed time in the limelight.

The track commences with a pounding bass line to establish the groove, as minor melodic elements weave their way to the foreground. There is a dialed in vocal shot that acts as a hook to spice up and add life to the ever-evolving intro of the tune which also works to keep things interesting. The energy continues to build, much like most trance tracks do, until it reaches the break where the more melodic elements have a chance to completely unfold. As they do, Duderstadt’s melodic prowess truly shines, and the tension begins to build back up.┬áSo check out the track below, courtesy of Be Yourself Music, and head over to Beatport to snag your copy today.

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Currently Residing in Portland, Oregon. @EDMTunesWill https://soundcloud.com/willvancemusic
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