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EDMbiz Gears Up for 2015 Conference, Looks Back to 2014 Team Hardwell Panel

With the advent of the summer festival circuit comes some increased hustle and bustle within the industry, as everyone from promoters and venue heads to artist managers and label bosses come together to discuss where they’ve been and where they are going. EDMbiz Conference & Expo continues to be a premiere meeting place for fans and aspiring entrepreneurs alike to hear from some of the most successful industry leaders; 2014 was a huge year for EDMbiz in Las Vegas, during EDC Week, and as they prepare for this year, they’ve released a a video of Team Hardwell, to preview the kind of power players and creative thinkers that will be in attendance this year.

In the video you have: Hardwell (or course), his manager Anna Knaup, the President and CEO of AM Only, Paul Morris, along with Manny Zelaya, tour manager from On Tour Management, the Preside of the Darkroom, Justin Lubliner, and finally Revealed Recordings’ label Manager, Sebastian Lintz. It’s an incredible discussion that covers all of what goes into making Hardwell so successful, because accomplishing all he has accomplished isn’t done alone, it takes a star studded team. Check out the video below, and keep up with EDMbiz on Facebook and Twitter for more news on this year’s upcoming event, set to take place June 16-18.

Elliott Brockelbank
Former editor
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