[Exclusive] iiO – Rapture (Bolier Remix)



iiO – Rapture (Bolier Remix)

In 2001, iiO’s ‘Rapture‘ conquered the northern hemisphere, as it cracked the top 100 in every European country, and the top 50 in the United States (can’t forget reaching the top 10 in Australia and New Zealand though). Really you would expect nothing less from a duo consisting of Nadia Ali and Markus Moser; ‘Rapture’ is an undeniable dance music cult classic that’s been remixed by the likes of Riva, Deep DishGareth  Emery, and Armin van Buuren. It’s time the track gets brought into 2015 though, and who better to do it than the guy with one of the hottest new sounds coming out of the Netherlands: Bolier.

Bolier has released two original smash hits on Spinnin’ Records already – amassing just over 900,000 plays between the two of them – and we’re excited to bring you the exclusive first look at his ‘Rapture’ remix. He’s proven first hand just how important melody is for tracks like this, and has recrafted the original to sound exceptionally organic and wholesome; innocent piano chimes, subtly devious guitar riffs, playful synths, and bubbly rolling bass lines, this remix has it all. There’s a peculiar racey vibe engrained into the soul of this remix, but it’s kept reserved and swells with energy over its entirety, which is probably what makes it such and involved listening experience. Bolier is artisan musical craftsman, and this is a beautifully tasteful ‘Rapture’ remix and we implore you to take a listen down below.