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Flosstradamus Makes Unexpected “Appearance” At Carl Cox’s EDC NY Set

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Imagine this: You have trekked your way to EDC New York to see your favorite DJ, Carl Cox, spin his legendary house music at the Neon Garden Stage. The set, yet another wonderful amalgam of acid house and techno, is suddenly interrupted by a random bombardment of yells and screams. Echoing through the speakers, phrases like “turn the f**** up” and “when I say grow, you say kush” quickly put a damper on the set.

No need to imagine this, as it actually took place in this year’s EDC New York at Met Life Stadium. Somehow, Flosstradamus’ microphone frequency got crossed up, resulting in their vocally engaged performance to be broadcasted over Carl Cox’s 9:30 p.m. set. At first, fans seem to go along with the unusual words, but soon realize that Carl Cox is not the one talking into microphone. Although a funny situation, somebody working at the festival could lose their job over this. Flosstradamus’ vocals come in at 1:07 in the video below.

Luc Hancock
University of Oregon graduate and San Francisco native. Twitter - @luchancock
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