KOAN Sound – Forgotten Myths EP [Free Download]


Forgotten Myths
KOAN Sound – Forgotten Myths

Highly regarded and exponentially loved UK bass duo, KOAN Sound, just released a thunderous 4 track EP through Skrillex‘s OWSLA label, entitled Forgotten Myths. The duo took to their Facebook to announce the release, along with extending “a huge thank you to anyone who has supported” “or shown an interest in” their “music over the years, in any shape or form.” Because of this deeply felt gratitude, they “decided to release this EP independently via bandcamp, meaning you can choose how much you’d like to pay for it, if at all.” But don’t look at the EP’s price-tag to judge its quality, as Forgotten Myths could arguably be one of KOAN Sound’s most mature and cleanly produced releases to date.

Forgotten Myth
‘s first track, ‘Strike’ sets the EP off right with KOAN Sound’s signature break beats, tightly warped sounds and hypnotic execution; all delivered with a heavy, D&B punch. As the EP progresses, fans will discover KOAN’s equally strong downtempo side. Known for their mastery over beautifully executed productions that are more like sonic journeys than songs, KOAN Sound has continued to dazzle listeners with their etherial and crisply produced subdued side.

Along with a resume full of beautifully powerful releases, like their collaborations with Asa and Culprate, they can add two of their newest tracks, ‘Sentient’ and ‘View From Above,’ to the list. Bridging the gap between the release’s softer side and ‘Strike’s in-your-face sound is the EP’s title track, ‘Forgotten Myths’. With its slow, delicate progression, D&B influence, guttural swampy glitches and thoughtful intricacies, ‘Forgotten Myths’ displays (almost) everything we love about KOAN Sound. This statement can easily be transferred from describing the EP’s title track to the entire EP itself, as Forgotten Myths is an attention grabbing, yet understated exploration in KOAN Sound’s creativity and undeniably refined and deeply informed musical style.

Oh and did we mention the epicness of the EP’s artwork??

Purchase KOAN Sound’s new Forgotten Myths EP, (name your price) here and be sure to catch the UK duo on their upcoming tour around North America!