Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Rain Man Teases Release of Latest Original

rain man

After parting ways with the “Krew”, it seems as though Rain Man is doing just fine. Despite his highly public and nasty split from his original trio, Rain Man’s solo career looks promising. He’s already eleased his debut solo original, ‘Visionary’ (on Borgore’s Buygore records), and even made a few appearances during Winter Music Conference, further boosting his newly started lone career. Only a day ago Rain Man further intrigued his fans by releasing a short snippet of what appears to be his newest track. The track is untitled, and instead is marked as ‘Coming Soon’ on his SoundCloud page. The 30-second preview of the new track demonstrates Rain Man’s bounce back into the spotlight as he injects strong bass lines and a lively melody into his newest song. The piece is even more anticipated and leaves our minds wondering as he cuts off the preview right before the drop.

Born and raised in the wonderful city of Miami, I have grown to love the EDM genre of music and the culture behind it.
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