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TWRK Releases Booty-shaking ‘WE ARE TWRK’ 4-Track EP via Mad Decent

After dominating dance floors and festivals for the past few years with their biggest hit to date, “BaDinga”, and remixes of Kanye West & Major Lazer to name a few, TWRK has finally given themselves a proper introduction into the electronic world with their debut EP, simply titled, WE ARE TWRK.  The four track EP proves to be a ground breaking project for the mid-tempo duo, as they display both their dancehall side and love of melodic sounds for new fans to flock to.

Out now on Mad Decent, WE ARE TWRK finds it’s home on the label that has backed the duo since the very beginning. With immense support and play time from the label’s world renown leader, Diplo, TWRK has begun following in Diplo’s footsteps by making their mark as up-and-coming musical pacemakers.

Stream WE ARE TWRK below, support the EP here and make sure to catch the guys on their WE ARE TWRK EP release tour in the US, Canada, and Europe.

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