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Abshiva – Oryx


Abshiva – Oryx

Hailing from Turkey, Abshiva has a unique twist on a classic underground sound that is leading the charge in a scene primarily dominated by mainstream dance music. Pumping out tracks from across the spectrum, he consistently delivers tracks that are industrial, dark, warm, and energetic all wrapped up in one.

His latest release, titled¬†‘Oryx’, after the EP in which the track finds its home, is a true testament to Abshiva’s talent. Centered around a down pitched vocal chant, a filtered bass line acts underneath and as they work in tandem a complex groove is created that is impossible not to nod your head to. The energy continues to build throughout the entire track, and when the break beat rhythm comes in during the second break the momentum switches just enough to keep the track lively.¬†So check out the track below, and head over to Beatport now to purchase your copy courtesy of Solstice Records.

William Vance
Currently Residing in Portland, Oregon. @EDMTunesWill
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