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Armin van Buuren Explains His $100,000 Per Gig Pay

Armin van Buuren

Legendary Dutch Trance DJ/Producer, Armin van Buuren, has built one of the most well-respected empires in the electronic music community. For nearly two decades, his incredible live production and shows have never failed to leave trance-loving fans disappointed. Now, he is in a position to enjoy the hard work that lead to his coveted ASOT brand. Big time DJs like Calvin Harris, Tiesto, deadmau5, and of course, Armin himself, have generated large profits resulting from the hard work put into their DJ gigs.

Armin stated during a recent interview with Bloomberg, that he gets paid approximately $100,000 for certain gigs. The amount is intimately shocking, however considering the hefty price tag for the production put into his shows (such as his Armin Only: Intense shows), his price tag may seem more reasonable.

“I bring a crew of five people for every gig. So, you have to have visuals for every show, buy your own fireworks because sometimes the promoter can only afford so much, I bring live talent with me to do tracks live,” explains Armin. “So the amounts that you hear in the press are gross, gross, gross amounts.”

Armin later validates the rise in ticket costs for events.

“Not only have the events become bigger but the DJs have to step up their game…unfortunately that costs money.”

You can watch Armin’s interview with Bloomberg Business as he talks about the rise in EDM, his recent gig at the Preakness Stakes, and more, here

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