Friday, May 7, 2021
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Bassnectar Creates Meaning With Bill Hicks Sample

Bassnectar took the last day of his three day Red Rocks experience to deliver a powerful message through the words of the transcendent comedian, Bill Hicks. Hicks, famous for his philosophical and political stances, is a comedian that surpassed the status quo while having a history of being sampled by musicians for his metaphysical theories, for example: the famous Tool sample from the song, “Third Eye,” utilizes Hicks’ bit on drugs in music. In this case, Lorin Ashton channeled the Bill Hicks that speaks of the balance of consciousness in life through his “Fear vs. Love” monologue that considers life as a ride and the role of the power of one’s mind in the creation of reality. This sample, which was placed amid cacophonies of synths and drones, was the perfect way to tie up a weekend full of the inexplicable experience of Bassnectar on the Rocks. Check out the video below for a full recap of the Bill Hicks audio cameo in Lorin’s last day set.

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