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Borgore Talks EDM: “There’s Nothing New or Exciting”

Another day, another producer/DJ talking smack about the state of EDM. Yesterday it was Bassnectar “taking a piss on EDM culture” in revealing a new logo that plays off of the notorious Calvin & Hobbes urination meme. Before that it was Deadmau5 and Tiësto and Diplo and Thump and MixMag. Now it’s Borgore waxing poetic about “the dynamic of writing ‘bangers'” and the monotony of current chart-toppers. In an interview with the Miami New Times, the Israeli dubstep/trap producer discussed the hip hop album he’s currently recording with a top secret crew of his favorite MCs and how he feels about Miami. In-between topics he dropped a little statement on the current state of things in the world of electronic music:

I’m moving away from 128 [bpm]. There are so many songs now, but they all sound the same, take ‘Animals’ or ‘Tsunami’ for instance. There’s nothing new or exciting. The people I’m looking up to now are like Skrillex and Diplo. I want to write songs rather than write bangers. I want to be true to myself as an artist and create the music I want to create, collaborate with the people I want to collaborate with.”

With so many celebrity producers and DJs railing against prototypical EDM culture, the future of electronic music promises to be very interesting.

Original Article: Miami New Times

Alibi Pierce
Based out of Denver, Alibi talks about electronic music for EDMTunes and TheHundred, curates The Stoner's Journal, and contributes to Criticl. Catch him on the dance floor.
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