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New Daft Punk Documentary Gets A Release Date, But ‘Tron’ Gets Cancelled.

Daft Punk

Even when Daft Punk isn’t in the news, they’re in the news. Two items, one good, one either bad or good.

First, as reported on a French site DumDum, Canal+ will be running a documentary called Daft Punk Unchained, featuring 80 minutes of interviews, performance footage, ambient geekery about the technology and discussions about everything Daft Punk. I will be very intrigued if the claim that Kanye will be sitting down and talking about Daft Punk holds up. This could be a rare look at the group that influenced so many. Hey French people, let us know how dope it is come June 24th will you? We’re hoping it has subtitles.

Unfortunately, this good news is tempered with disappointment from Hollywood. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the third instalment in the Tron series has been cancelled, and with it, goes the new Daft Punk soundtrack. In my humble opinion, they could release whatever they had for it so far and we’ll be just fine with it. Just in case you forgot, this is what it sounded like, and why we were so excited for more.

C’mon Disney, you could spend $180 million to let George Clooney spit junky catch phrases in an art deco movie for 2hrs, give Daft Punk a 10% of that and watch the world embrace it.

Terry Gotham
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