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Disney and Deadmau5 Settle Trademark Discord

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The Deadmau5 and Disney legal debacle has waged on for nearly a year now. Following months of snarky Twitter posts that are as iconic as the mouse head itself, it is reported that Joel Zimmerman and Disney have resolved their legal dispute regarding Deadmau5’s notorious mouse head. Zimmerman possesses the trademark for his logo in over thirty countries, however when he filed to trademark the in the United States last September, entertainment goliath Disney tabulated to intercept the application. Claiming that Zimmerman’s logo was

“nearly identical in appearance, connotation, and overall commercial impression to Disney’s Mouse Ears Marks”. Deadmau5, in his emblematic witty manner, did not hesitate to issue a counter statement that “stretched over thousands of pages”

The months that followed were filled with Deadmau5’s outrage that was both publicized on Twitter and taken up through the United States Trademark Office. Not taking the issue at hand casually, Zimmerman fought tooth and nail for his highly coveted logo. He filed a repartee spanning the length of thousands of pages which included cease and desist order for Disney’s use of ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff’ in a video starring Mickey himself. Within the rebuttal, deadmau5 disclosed that Disney contacted him in regards to partnership opportunities on various projects. This included a remix of the Star Wars theme song for an animated Disney XD series entitled, Star Wars Rebel. Disney remained unrelenting, claiming that their resistance was a result of the possibility to market a multitude of permitted commodities.

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The official terms of the establishment between Disney and Deadmau5 have yet to be disclosed. We await details that should soon surface once the settlement has been taken up with the trademark office. Deadmau5’s tweet earlier today (pictured above) speaks to his probable legal obligation to not discuss the details of the resolution.

Source: The Verge

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