The Glitch Mob Reveal ‘Piece Of Indestructible’ EP With ‘Better Hide, Better Run’


It’s too exciting. The Glitch Mob announces 3-song EP Piece of Indestructible, set to create havoc June 9th. And first track ‘Better Hide, Better Run‘ is now available, beating alongside a volcanic lyric video.

The group is erupting with veracity, not just in their lyric video, but the actual track has to be the hardest electro noise they’ve ever put together thus far. They can’t be pulled down right now, it’s boiling, it’s hot, it’s going to pop the lid and escape the abusive tribal drums, which complement rising female vocalist Mark Johns‘ sultriness. ‘Better Hide, Better Run‘ utilizes their new toy The Blade, which helps “bring the drama of a live rock band to an electronic show,” in all of its angles. This new technology can actually handle the band’s powerful sound, and undoubtedly take electronic music to another advanced world of rock and roll. Imagine listening to this track at one of their future concerts. It’s going to break.

Pre-order the EP and get an instant download of ‘Better Hide, Better Run!’

The Glitch Mob 2015 Tour Dates:

6/5 – Dallas, TX – South Side Ballroom
6/7 – Austin, TX – The X Games
6/19-6/21 – Scheessel, DE – Hurricane Festival
6/19-6/21 – Neuhausen Ob Eck, DE – Southside Festival
6/20 – Wiesen, Austria – Urban Art Forms Festival
6/26 – Cluj, Romania – Electric Castle Festival
6/25 – St. Gallen, Switzerland – Open Air St. Gallen
7/30 – Morrison, CO – HARD Red Rocks
8/1 – Pomona, CA – HARD Summer
8/8-8/9 – Baltimore, MD – Moonrise Festival
8/29-8/30 – Atlanta, GA – Imagine Festival
8/30 – New Orleans, LA – Joy Theater
9/2 – Nashville, TN – Marathon Music Works
9/3 – St. Louis, MO – The Pageant
9/4-9/6 – New York, NY – Electric Zoo Festival
9/4-9/6 – Chicago, IL – Northcoast Festival
9/18-20 – Sacramento, CA – TBD Festival